We understand that it can be distressing if your pet requires emergency care. We want you to know we are here for you and your pet even in these unprecedented times! We embrace our responsibility as an essential service and will continue to provide gold-standard 24/7 emergency veterinary care.

AECFV is an employer of almost 90 individuals, and we are committed to the livelihoods of those employees and the families they support. We also want to ensure we remain a consistent support to our colleagues in all general practice clinics across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, especially those with decreased staffing levels due to quarantine protocols. Our clinic has implemented many measures to continue to be able to serve the community while still protecting our staff and doing our part to “flatten the curve” of COVID-19.

Our staff is being more diligent than ever with our disinfection protocols and appropriate use of PPE. We are adhering to recommendations and requirements of our governing bodies by strictly enforcing the quarantine and self-isolation recommendations and taking a strong stance on physical distancing. These measures have had a large impact on the way we conduct business. We are doing it for you, for us, for our parents, our children, and yours. This is a challenging time and we thank you for understanding the precautions we are taking. Here are some ways in which we require your cooperation:

Be honest with us.

We will ask everyone COVID-19 screening questions. If you are showing any cold- or flu-like symptoms, have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days, or suspect you may have had contact with someone with COVID-19, please be honest with us so we can exercise appropriate precautions. We will not deny your pet medical care! Please have a credit card ready for payment over the phone.

Call in advance when possible and call when you arrive.

By calling ahead you give us the opportunity to prepare paperwork to streamline your arrival and help you determine if your pet is in true need of emergency care. We have a closed waiting room policy for the safety of you and our staff. When you arrive please stay in your vehicle and call us. We will meet you outside to take your pet into our treatment areas and our triage nurse will monitor them until the doctor is ready to begin the examination. In the meantime, our nurse will call you to ask questions about your pet’s medical history and you will be asked to wait in your vehicle in the parking lot until the doctor speaks with you.

Bring a cell phone and a car phone charger or portable power bank.

All communication regarding patient history, exam findings, treatment plans, and other discussions will occur over the phone or by email when at all possible. Please bring a cell phone and a car phone charger or portable power bank, save our phone number to your contact list, and keep your phone volume on for when the doctor needs to reach you.

Bring a face mask.

Although we try to limit contact, you may have some face-to-face interaction with doctors and support staff when we receive and return your pet, if you come inside to pay or use the washroom, or if you would like to be present for the euthanasia for your pet. Please bring a face mask in case one of these situations comes up.

Be understanding and patient with us.

We operate on a triage basis to ensure our most critical patients are seen first. Due to the precautions we are taking, expect that our wait times could be greatly increased. Please understand that absolutely NO patient belonging are allowed in hospital (bedding, toys, leashes, etc.). We have also suspended all patient visits at this time. If your pet is hospitalized with us we will be happy to text or email you picture or video updates instead!

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