We understand that it can be distressing if your pet requires emergency care. We want you to know we are here for you and your pet even in these unprecedented times! We embrace our responsibility as an essential service and will continue to provide gold-standard 24/7 emergency veterinary care.

AECFV is an employer of almost 120 individuals, and we are committed to the livelihoods of those employees and the families they support. We also want to ensure we remain a consistent support to our colleagues in all general practice clinics across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, especially those with decreased staffing levels due to quarantine protocols. Our clinic has implemented many measures to continue to be able to serve the community while still protecting our staff.

  • Our doors will be locked in the evening and overnight. Please call ahead so our team will be expecting you.
  • Masks are not required in our waiting area but are still mandatory in our exam rooms
  • In person consultations with our doctors are once again available, but will be at doctor’s discretion
  • Most patient exams will still be performed in our medical treatment area
  • Our triage nurse will advise you if you may leave after we receive a history about your pet
  • Our waiting area is open and restrooms, coffee, tea and water are also available

We have a zero-tolerance policy for rude or aggressive actions towards our staff.
Service will immediately be refused.

Thank you for your cooperation.