AECFV Summer Students of 2020

Every year (for many years) AECFV has hosted summer students. It is common for students to work in veterinary clinics or other animal facilities during the summer to gain hands-on experience that is very valuable to their overall education. As summer draws to an end we start saying our good byes. This year we had four veterinary students from Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon as well as two veterinary technologist students from Thompson Rivers University.

Our veterinary students this year were Vanessa, James, Jeneva and Angela.

Vanessa, a 3rd year vet student and Western College of Veterinary Medicine has accepted a 6 month internship at AECFV which will start once she completes her 4th year.

We look forward to welcoming her back!

“I am so grateful to have spent this summer at the AECFV, mastering clinical skills and having the opportunity to start thinking like a doctor. The veterinary technicians are extremely knowledgeable and supportive, they took the time to help me master clinical skills such as catheters and anesthesia. In addition, many of the doctors become valuable mentors and gave me the opportunity to write medical records and follow patients through from initial exam, to diagnostics, and treatments. We provide a variety of services including CT’s, a blood donor program, and veterinarians experienced in emergency surgeries which allows us to provide critical patients with the care that they need. The AECFV team are all inspiring and dedicated individuals with their common goal being to provide your pets with gold standard medical care. It was an honour to become a part of their team and I look forward to returning for my internship!

James spent two summers at AECFV and has competed his 3rd year of vet school.  He worked as a veterinary technician and assisted our Veterinarians.

“It was such a pleasure to come back to AECFV for a second summer. I was so fortunate to work with a great team of doctors, technicians, assistants, and receptionists who taught me something new every day from diagnostic approaches to clinical and communication skills. Everyone’s patience and support helped me gain confidence in caring for the hospitalized patients and handling emergencies. This summer was definitely not mundane with everything going on. Although, there were many days with long stressful hours, seeing all the animals go home after their treatment and hospitalization made every shift well worth it. Thank you to all the AECFV staff, clients and their animals who made my summer so memorable!”

Jeneva completed her 2nd year of vet school and worked as a summer student alongside our Veterinary Assistants.

“Working as a summer student at AECFV was such a blessing. AECFV staff were nothing but warm and welcoming, creating a positive work environment that made me look forward to each shift! Each staff member was eager to share their knowledge and understanding when I was trying to learn new skills. This experience complemented my learning at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and taught me an abundance about emergency and critical care. Working at AECFV this summer has reinforced my love of vet med and inspired me to go back to school and work harder than ever. I am grateful for everyone at AECFV for such a rewarding experience!”

Angela has completed her fist year of school and worked alongside our Veterinary Assistants.

“Working at the AECFV this summer has been incredible for furthering my understanding of veterinary medicine and business. I was genuinely impressed by the level of knowledge and care from the staff members, as well as their willingness to teach others! Moving forward, I am excited to take the skills I’ve acquired here and apply them to the rest of my veterinary schooling and career.”

Heather and Taryn were our two RVT summer students. They have completed their 1st year of the Veterinary Technologist program at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.

They both worked as Vet Assistants over the summer and had the opportunity to practice some technician duties under the guidance and supervision of our RVT’s and doctors. They are returning to Kamloops for their final year of school, and plan to return to AECFV to work as technologists after graduation.

We were very lucky to have had such a hard working, eager to learn, group of students this year. We miss them all!