AECFV’s Construction Update

Well it’s been about three weeks since our last update. Shortly after the last blog entry the acoustical insulators had to take over the building for an entire week. All 8000sq ft of the ceiling has been coated with a generous layer of sound absorbing insulation and we can already tell how dramatic of a difference it makes. We are so glad we went the extra step to have that done. Our work areas can get very noisy at times.

The sheet metal guys from Executive have done a fabulous job all their duct work. It looks so good that we have decided to leave it exposed on our lobby area and we will painting it a dark grey along with the ceiling. Speaking of painting, that will hopefully begin in a couple weeks time. Once the insulators left, the ceiling (T-Bar) installers came in for a week and installed the grid for the entire hospital. The electricians were able to follow behind and start installing some of their LED ceiling fixtures (they are amazing!).

This last week was very exciting as the framers were able to come back in and finish virtually all of their frame even Lucky’s Kid Zone in the waiting area! Our hospital will be very open and sight-line friendly. We want our staff to always be in eyesight of one another as much as possible and together with our architects at Animal Arts we truly feel we accomplished this in our design. Now that the walls are in place we can actually visualize the sight lines. Hopefully you can get a good sense of the progress from the pictures.

We are now over the hump and actually starting to stage the completion processes. New equipment is on it’s way and we should see the cabinets and flooring begin the first week of October. The next week will be for the electricians and plumbers to finish all their rough-ins.

We will likely wait for some cabinets and flooring to go in before we publish our next update, unless of course we just can’t resist sharing something sooner.

Kid’s Zone

Special Procedures Room with staff pet area behind

ICU Area

Surgery Prep Area

Treatment Area