Blood Services

Our blood donation program has been expanding for over 20 years! With the investments we have made in staff, education, equipment, and donors we are able to produce all our own blood products in-house. Our years of experience and pool of more than 100 loyal donor animals enables us to provide stocked and emergency whole blood, packed red blood cells, and fresh frozen plasma whenever and wherever there is a need –to all of our referring hospitals and beyond.

In the past we typically acquired blood products from the United States, so we have set our pricing to be very competitive with those major blood banks. We are proud to now be the foremost blood product supplier in BC.

If you would like any further information on our blood services division including pricing, please email us at or call the main number at 604-514-1711. 

Blood Products

Canine Whole Blood

Feline Whole Blood

Canine Packed Red Blood Cells (pRBCs)

Feline Packed Red Blood Cells (pRBCs)

Canine Fresh Frozen Plasma

Feline Fresh Frozen Plasma

Place an order by phone or fax us a completed copy of our Blood Product Order Form