Canine Blood Donor Walk

Canine Blood Donor Walk collage

It was a perfect Sunday morning.   The sun was shining and it promised to be a scorcher of a day.  We set off into the cool shady trails of Campbell Valley Regional Park, dogs in tow.    This was to be our first ever canine blood donor walk.

Rob and Nadine Koreman, owners of the Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley, our Blood Services Coordinators along with almost 2 dozen blood donor dogs and their owners set out for a fun walk.

Most of these dogs and owners have never met although they know Andrea and Alicia, our Blood Services Coordinators, very well.  It was apparent as everyone arrived that the dogs were happy to see these two.  Perhaps they associate them with all the treats they receive after a blood donation!   We had a fun meet and greet waiting for everyone to arrive and adorned each of the dogs in a matching bandana.

For those strangers we came across, thanks for sharing the trail with so many of us.  Thank you for questioning why this large group was walking together with so many dogs.  We love to tell people about the great gift these dogs give.  These dogs give us the opportunity to save lives and are heroes to us and he owners of the furry friends they help save.

Andrea or Alicia would be happy to talk to anyone that would like more information on this program.  You can find more information on our website or you can email them at

Blood Donor Walk group