staff feedback

Read what some of our staff say about working here.


“I love that emergency medicine always keeps you on your toes, No two shifts are ever the same here. I am always proud to work at a hospital that provides gold standard medicine to all of its patients.”

“This clinic practices the gold standard of veterinary medicine, which is important to me. The doctors here have access to the most modern medical equipment and practice the latest techniques in veterinary medicine. This allows me to learn and add to my skills as a tech each day,”

“I have learned so much since I joined the staff here at Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley. I love the amazing staff I work with daily and how they maintain their composure in otherwise very stressful circumstances. Everyone here has the animals’ best interests in mind and treats the patients as if they were their own pets.”

“I like the pace of emergency medicine; every day is something new, so we’re always on our toes. It’s rewarding seeing even the most critical patients progress and walk out the door with their owners after their stay with us.”