Challenging Times Call for Resourceful Measures

Canadian Veterinarians are beginning to experience a shortage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as surgical masks and gloves. This doesn’t come as a surprise to us, but it does pose some challenges. Currently we are confident in our supply of surgical masks for performing surgeries, which we must save for those procedures. However, there are certain procedures that make maintaining the appropriate physical distance between our staff difficult. We have some resourceful and talented staff that have begun making face masks that can be used by staff as a level of protection. They are made using surgical drape material (which can be sterilized in our autoclave).

To say that this past month is unlike anything we have experienced is an understatement. Every one of us has had our world turned upside down. As individuals we worry about ourselves, our loved ones, our friends. As a business owner whose main concern has always been the health of your pet, we now worry about the health of our staff, their families and the health of our clients.

Last week Veterinary Hospitals were deemed an essential service and we have been continually updating our protocols as new information becomes available. Our protocols are strict because they have to be, not only for you and our staff but ensuring we can be a support to the many smaller family practices that may find it difficult to maintain their regular hours due to quarantine protocols.

If your pet requires emergency care, we are here. We urge you to call prior to arrival. Please read over our current COVID-19 protocols.

Rob and Nadine Koreman