CT Scanning

CT scanning, or computed tomography, creates high-resolution images of your pet. It is one of the best diagnostic imaging tools available and we are very excited to be able to offer the service to our clients and patients. The results are especially useful for detecting small masses and fully assessing damage in trauma situations, both of which may not be visible on conventional radiographs or ultrasound.


The CT scanner is a ring-shaped apparatus that rotates around your pet. With CT imaging, the computer builds an image of your pet and the entire image can then be manipulated in different ways, allowing for a truly comprehensive examination of all internal body structures. The detailed images that a CT scanner produces help us achieve the best and quickest diagnosis possible.


This advanced diagnostic technology greatly enhances the level of service and quality of treatment we can provide to your pet. It is also one of the many ways we work to fulfill our commitment to you to protect your pet’s health so both of you can enjoy the longest, happiest life together possible.