Avian, Exotic & Pocket Pets

Avian, exotic, and pocket pets are very satisfying companions to have, but they require a facility with the equipment and specialized training to provide them with the care they need. In particular, these animals have developed a range of strategies in the wild to hide illnesses and injuries in order to protect them from predators. If you suspect your small friend may have suffered an injury or could be ill, we have the discerning eye and experience to be able to determine the nature of the problem and treat it.

AECFV has more than ten different doctors with varying degrees of expertise and training in treating these pets (one even specializes in venomous reptiles). This means no matter your type of pet — reptile, small mammal, avian we will make every attempt to diagnose and treat your exotic pet, but please note due to the varying degrees of expertise, the type of exotic and the doctor on duty, we may suggest other destinations for treatment options.

While we have full Intensive Care Unit (ICU) services for dogs and cats, AECFV is also able to offer these same services tailored to the needs of avian, exotic and pocket pets. These include continuous pulse-oximetry (noninvasive monitoring of blood oxygenation), blood pressure and electrocardiography monitoring, oxygen support, and blood gas monitoring.