Blood & Plasma Transfusions

The ability to administer whole blood or the components of blood such as packed red blood cells and plasma via transfusions is important for the treatment of a range of medical conditions, such as certain types of poisonings, clotting disorders, and trauma with severe blood loss. Without this lifesaving procedure animals in severe distress due to these conditions are not able to properly bring oxygen to their internal organs or remove toxins from their bodies. The result is that the body very quickly begins to shutdown and die.

As a 24 hour emergency vet hospital, AECFV is committed to maintaining a supply of whole blood and its various components for use in emergency situations. We also have the testing capabilities to quickly diagnose conditions where a transfusion is necessary and determine your pet’s blood type prior to transfusion.

Through our AECFV Blood Services program we are also able to provide blood products to our referring family veterinarian practices that may require blood on an emergency basis for patients they have in hospital.