Handling and Transporting Tips

Don’t assume a pet won’t bite or scratch. Dogs/cats hit by a car, or that suffered some other type of major trauma, don’t know why they are in pain. Even if your dog/cat is sweet-natured, he/she may bite if handled.

  • Don’t try to comfort an injured pet by hugging it. Don’t put your face near its head.
  • Muzzle dogs if necessary with gauze, soft towel strips, or stockings. Wrap cats or other small animals in a towel.
  • Perform any examinations slowly and gently. Stop if the pet becomes agitated.
  • Don’t attempt to lift or drag a large injured dog. Improvise a stretcher out of a board, throw rug, child’s plastic toboggan, etc.
  • Before transport, try to stabilize injuries with minimal handling.