Handling and Transporting Tips

Don’t assume a pet won’t bite or scratch. Dogs/cats hit by a car, or that suffered some other type of major trauma, don’t know why they are in pain. Even if your dog/cat is sweet-natured, he/she may bite if handled.

  • Don’t try to comfort an injured pet by hugging it. Don’t put your face near its head.
  • Muzzle dogs if necessary with gauze, soft towel strips, or stockings. Wrap cats or other small animals in a towel.
  • Perform any examinations slowly and gently. Stop if the pet becomes agitated.
  • Don’t attempt to lift or drag a large injured dog. Improvise a stretcher out of a board, throw rug, child’s plastic toboggan, etc.
  • Before transport, try to stabilize injuries. Rolled magazines or newspapers can serve as impromptu splints. Pad limb and splint generously with rolled cotton and gauze if on hand, or improvise with suitable pillows, pieces of blanket, towels, etc. Make sure splint immobilizes joints above and below injury.