The Need for Donors

As an emergency hospital we have seen firsthand how crucial a blood transfusion can be in the successful recovery of pets with serious illness or trauma. Since our Blood Donor Program began over 20 years ago, we have relied on the loyal support of donor animals and their families to help us provide life-saving blood products for other pets in need.

There are other hospitals that accept blood donations for their own patients; however, when those clinics don’t have the blood they need they turn to a blood bank like us. As the largest and most established blood bank in BC we collect donations for our own hospital use and to supply most of the large specialty and emergency hospitals in the Lower Mainland with the blood products they require. Our experience and equipment allows us to produce all our own blood products in-house and our large donor pool enables us to maintain a fresh stock of blood for our patients and the other clinics that depend on us.

If you would like more information on our blood donor program please email us. For answers to the most common questions about the program see our Blood Donor FAQs