Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

October is RVT month and we are fortunate to have an exceptional team of them. They are team leaders, problem solvers and the voices of our patients. They work hard, really hard. Working in an emergency setting can be hectic, challenging, gratifying, heart breaking and extraordinary, all at the same time! When our RVT’s arrive for work, they know that all their knowledge and skills will be put to task.

RVT’s are Essential!
In the last 7 months, our RVT’s have strengthened our understanding of their dedication to their career. COVID related issues in our community has: increased our caseload by up to 70%, changed the way we conduct business with our clients, and affected the overall mental health of our entire team. As essential workers, we have all been showing up every day and we have never closed our doors or reduced our hours/services. During this time, our technicians have proven to be strong leaders for the rest of our support staff and they definitely deserve some gratitude!

In celebration and recognition of RVT Month, each of our technicians received a gift bag with some treats and a gift card of their choice. In addition to that we did a draw for two staycations. It turned out that our two staycation winners, Andrea and Jess M., have both been with AECFV for over 10 years. Congratulations to both and a huge thank you to all of our RVT’s for choosing to be on our team!

Congratulations Andrea!
Congratulations Jess!
Isn’t that the cutest hand sanitizer holder!!
Thanks Dr. Koreman for drawing the lucky RVTs!