The Plans Are Coming To Life

We are just over a month into the build of our new hospital now, and while it may not seem like much has been done up to this week, there really has. A lot of preliminary work has been completed with all new air conditioning units, water and electrical supplies installed in the ceiling area. The biggest job was cutting up numerous access points in the original concrete floor to access the plumbing, as we have a lot of it! As you can see in the attached pictures all that trenching has passed inspection and has now been cemented back over which allowed for the next phase to begin… WALLS!!! Yes, the walls have started going up. For us, this is a very exciting point of construction. We can actually see the drawings we have been staring at since January, turning into real space.   The quiet and exam rooms, offices as well as the trauma and dog run area have all been framed and they have started delivering the drywall!

construction update

We are also paying special attention to sound proofing our hospital as best we can. We are going through the extra effort to extend the wall heights right to the underside of the floor above. Often walls  go up to just under the metal floor trusses. The problem with this is sound transfers very easily from one end of the hospital to the other by passing over top of the walls and ‘bouncing off’ all the metal up there. We will also spray an acoustical insulation to the underside.

Stay tuned for our next update…