While we pride ourselves on having one of the best teams of skilled and talented Doctors, sometimes we recommend our patients seek further services by Board Certified Specialists. We have the luxury of having many options in this regard including the ability to have these Specialists come to our facility so your pet does not have to be transported, while also receiving much needed continuity of care. When in-house options are not available, we have various specialty facilities we can arrange transfer to.

Our In-House Specialty Options


Dr. Mark Smith
Dr. Dave Francis
Dr. Sherisse Sakals


Dr. Lawrence Brown
Dr. Laurie Head

Internal Medicine

Dr. Tatjana Mirkovic


West Coast Veterinary Dental Services


Western Canada Veterinary Eye Specialists

Our Refer-Out Options

Canada West Veterinary Specialists
Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral
Boundary Bay Veterinary Specialty Hospital