What to Expect When You Come In

Before coming in it is always good to call if you feel you have time to do so. This will allow us to ask important questions that will help us be better prepared for your arrival.

After you arrive, it is important that our staff gathers as much information as possible about the nature of your pet’s emergency. Generally, an Animal Health Technician or a Veterinary Assistant will meet you at the front desk to ask you a few questions and assess your pet’s condition to determine if the case is immediately life threatening.

We always strive to see each case as quickly as possible, however our triage process is intended to ensure we see the most urgent cases during times when multiple patients arrive at our facility. This means that if your pet’s condition is not critical, you may have to wait awhile longer for service, which is no different than how you would be treated at a human hospital’s ER. Simply stated, a pet needing CPR should be seen before a pet with a minor incision or torn nail.

After triage, a member of our support staff may notify you that he or she needs to be seen right away. We will also ask you some important questions and discuss any additional information we believe is necessary to properly treat your pet.

Once we have evaluated your pet’s condition, we will provide treatment recommendations, answer any questions you may have, and give you a written estimate (treatment plan) of what it will cost to treat your pet. In order to facilitate this part of the process we accept a wide range of payment options.