There Will Be No Lack of Cupboard Space!

Hi Everyone!

We’d like to apologize that it has been so long since our last update. Although there was a tremendous amount of work done, it really would not have shown it in the pictures.

All the trades have been very busy especially the drywallers, plumbers and electricians. They had to get everything ‘tucked’ into the walls and ready for numerous inspections and then finish the drywalling processes afterwards. Earlier this week all of our doors arrived and installation of those quickly ensued.  Saturday was a crazy busy day at our new hospital. The drywall finishers from Willets Contracting were still sanding away with Jason and his painting crew from Sprayworks were chomping at the bit and chasing right behind them. The crew from Firebsuters were here getting the fire sprinklers in place and Corry’s team from CMP Plumbing were finishing up all the oxygen, wastegas and suction lines. There was a lot of noise, dust, paint fumes, ladders and not mention various competing music choices going on, but it was organized chaos.

To add to the craziness, Lianna from Armadio Cabinets was here to coordinate the delivery of all of our cabinets and other millwork. This was a BIG delivery consisting of two full truckloads, 136 cabinets spread out over 13 skids plus a whole lot of extra bits and pieces that we couldn’t even count! Our Treatment and ICU areas are full of cabinets right now. Installation should be begin next week and take approximately one and a half weeks. Painters and sprinklers crews were hard at it on Sunday.  We must say all of our trades have been fabulous. These crews have been working straight through weekends including holidays. We are lucky to have such a great group working on our hospital.

There has been some very exciting stuff happening outside of the building too. Galaxie Signs has installed our shiny new, big and bright sign and is currently preparing our various awning back at the shop. We had some landscaping completed out front which will provide a grassy area with a walkway and park bench. Our deadline of Nov 30th is looming so the pressure is on now. By the time we provide another update the cabinets will be in, Willy and his team from Prima will have installed almost all of the vinyl flooring, primer and 1st coat of paint will be done, and many of the ceramic tile jobs will have commenced.  We can’t wait to see it once it’s completed!