Here We Grow Again!

Coming This Fall new aecfv hospital frontage

We are excited to announce that AECFV is currently building a bigger, better, shiny new hospital!

This will be our 3rd home. When we opened in 1996 we occupied 1800sq ft for the next 10 years. We were bursting at the seams and moved to our current space in 2006 and boy did it seem big at 5,500sq ft! Well here we are again 11 years later and we welcome the extra 2,500sq ft that this new space brings. You won’t have far to go to find us though. We are relocating a few doors down at the end of the same building we currently occupy.

This added space will allow us to have a designated area for our growing blood services program which will be such a welcoming space for our blood donors and our team. The new hospital will finally provide our staff with a lounge area and a staff pet daycare area. So many of our staff have pets and often work long/emotional days. We think it’s beneficial that they have their pet close by as there is nothing better than a quick pet or snuggle when it’s been a hard day!

Every aspect of our new hospital has been engineered. Now that the demolition work has been completed, our new air conditioning units have been installed as well as all the ceiling mounted plumbing. They have cut open the concrete floor to allow for all our drainage tie-ins for the plumbing. Next, pouring concrete to close up all those openings in the floor. It doesn’t look like much yet but once that is done the framing for the walls begins and we will really get a sense of the space!

We are scheduled to open this fall and are eager to share some of the amenities and features this new hospital will include. As we eagerly await the transformation of the new space we will keep you posted here!

new aecfv hospital bnew aecfv hospital e new aecfv hospital cnew aecfv hospital d