Headed Down the Home Stretch!

We are headed down the home stretch! Things are flying along right now. On any given day this past week we have had cabinet installers, vinyl floor installers, ceramic floor installers, plumbers, electricians, painters, ceiling tile installers, HVAC crews and finally the fire sprinkler guys. That is a lot of people all working at the same time especially when its between 2-6 people per trade! Good thing the new hospital is spacious enough to accommodate all of them.  During this construction process, all of our trades have proved to be fabulous and professional in working over top of one another.

Almost all the vinyl flooring is down now and the ceramic team has been plugging away all week in our reception area. The porcelain tile we chose are 4’ long and here we thought the install would go quicker….apparently not. They are difficult to work with, plus the installer is a perfectionist, which is definitely a good thing!

New equipment is starting to arrive fast and furious now and we have finally been able to start installing our new cages that arrived back in October. It was super exciting to see our brand new intensive care unit arrive as this will allow us to have four animals on oxygen therapy at one time. Currently we can only do one.

You wouldn’t believe how much laundry is done here and our staff is super excited about us finally getting a true commercial washer and dryer. (insert happy dance!) When we analyzed all the areas where we can reduce or eliminate staff frustration, the never ending problems and limitations with using household washers and dryers was near the top of the list. We think the investment will be well worth it especially if it means more efficient and happier staff.  We wanted two sets originally but once we saw the price we had to scale it back to just one. Maybe someday :-).

Cabinets are pretty much all in now too, with exception of the reception desk. The reception desk is completely custom and requires being built pretty much entirely on site.  We can’t wait to see it!
Stay tuned for another update next weekend, which based on how much things changed this week, we should see some pretty exciting progress.